Pulpit treatment

Pulpit – is a dental disease caused by inflammation of the pulp (connective tissue inside the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels). Sharp pain in affected tooth - not the only threat of pulpit. If the patient hesitates with a visit to the doctor, disease may cause more serious and dangerous dental disease – periodontitis. That is why we recommend to take care of your own health and turn to doctors of "Dentamed" dental clinic. Dental technologies allow to remove the cause of disease quickly and painlessly. 

Pulpit: Causes and symptoms

Inflammation of the pulp is often the result of penetration of microflora (streptococci, staphylococci, lactobacilli) in the connective tissue of the tooth through the decay cavity. The best method of prevention pulpit is prompt treatment and prevention of tooth decay.  

The main symptoms of pulpit are:

  • Sharp pain in a tooth;
  • Decay cavity and softened dentin in the tooth;
  • High tooth sensitivity to the temperature changes.   

It sould be mentioned, that only a dentist must determine the final diagnosis and methods of treatment.

Pulpit treatment in "Dentamed": it is efficiency, achieved by professionalism

You can be sure about the quality of medical services, turning to medical help in the dental clinic "Dentamed". We guarantee maximum comfort and efficiency of procedures, professionalism and doctor's tactfulness. The main dentist's aim during pulpit treatment - is restoration of tooth integrity by the smallest interference.

First, the dentist carries out the review. appoints X-rays and evaluates the stage of the disease. And then, on the basis of the data, makes decisions about treatment. In any case, patients of the center "Dentamed" can count on the professionalism of doctors and use modern dental equipment.  

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