Periodontitis treatment

 Periodontium  - a tissue that connects the root of the tooth and the hole in which there are tooth. When this tissue is  inflamed, ligaments lose their ability to hold the tooth in a designated place highly enough. The bone is destroyed, and  cysts and fistulas are formed on its place.

 Recently, a diagnosis periodontitis meant a need for tooth extraction. Today, to eliminate signs of illness it is enough to      use antibiotics that destroy bacteria and neutralize inflammation. Instead of tooth extraction dentists treat tooth roots  without damaging the crown.

Periodontitis: causes and symptoms

There are three main causes of periodontitis:

  • Spreading of infection and its penetration into the tissue due to pulpit development (infectious periodontitis);
  • Injury tissue (traumatic periodontitis);
  • Allergies to medications or penetration into the fabric of potent drugs (drug-induced periodontitis).   

Symptoms of periodontitis - nagging, and then sharp pain in the tooth, headache, fever up to 38 ° C, general malaise.  

Periodontitis treatment in "Dentamed" (Rivne)

Periodontitis – is a very insidious disease, as well as X-ray does not always reflect tissue inflammation. That is why it is important to seek medical advice to professionals who can diagnose the disease without the help of technology. Highly qualified dentists of “Dentamed” dental centre will carry out qualitative medical examination and will determine the diagnosis. Further treatment involves rinsing root canals, its disinfect with effective medicines, elimination of inflammation and stopping the channel.

Tooth extraction, due to periodontitis, appropriate only in extreme cases, when inflammation is excessive and poses a serious threat. Doctors at the clinic "Dentamed" are using all possible methods of modern dentistry to save inflamed tooth and recover its health, without removal.  

Make no doubt about turning to professional help in “Dentamed” dental centre.

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