Caries treatment

Dental caries is caused by bacteria which is contained in soft dental plaque. The cause of the last is the consumption of heat-treated foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates. Basic ration of modern people consists of the following dishes. If you do not remove the soft dental plaque on time, the bacteria begin to multiply rapidly, strongly producing acids and washing fluorine and calcium fluoride out of the tooth enamel. As the result enamel is softened and damaged, due to deep penetration into the tooth.

In addition to lack of dental care, caries may be caused by other factors.  



  • Poor oral hygiene;
  • Diseases of the digestive system, or a weak immune system;
  • Unhealthy food (lack of protein, vitamins, minerals, fluoride in the ration);
  • Stress and heredity;
  • Excessive consumption of sweets.  

You should turn to the dentist in case of removing caries and preventing progression of dental disease.

Dental caries treatment in "Dentamed": quickly, efficiently, painlessly 

In order to make treatment of caries effective and comfortable for the patient, you need highly skilled specialists, modern equipment and modern qualitative polymeric and glass-ionomer materials. All this you can find in the dental clinic "Dentamed".  

Suffering from toothache and putting off a visit to a doctor because of fear of dental surgeries? Visit "Dentamed" to ensure on your own experience the painless and effective methods of modern dentistry and professionalism of our doctors.

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