Thooth brushing

Snow-white smile has always been a sign of successful and attractive people. It is enough reaching out to the dentist for making your teeth shiny and healthy. With the help of modern technology and ultrasonic teeth cleaning, you can easily get rid of dental plaque, which is caused by smoking or eating foods with dyes, tea, coffee, juice. Moreover, the color of teeth is caused by heredity: tooth enamel can be yellowish by nature. Some medicines and non - filtered water should be also mentioned among the causes of yellowing teeth. 

Professional theeth brushing in the dental clinic "Dentamed": quickly, safely and effectively. 

In the dental clinic "Dentamed" all patients have an opportunity to use the professional services of oral hygiene. Professional ultrasonic teeth brushing - is not only a step to the attractive white smile, but also prophylaxis of various dental diseases.  

Specialists of our clinic use PROPHYflex method for a professional dental care. Effective teeth brushing with the help of Sodium Bicarbonated water stream is possible through the use of German production device KaVo - the most authoritative manufacturer of dental equipment. Bicarbonated soda with flavoring applications is a powder for cleaning procedure. 

Due to Prophyflex teeth brushing such options are possible:

  • Removing dental plaque from the surface of interdental spaces, recesses in the tooth enamel and other hard to reach places;
  • Teeth polishing without damaging the enamel;
  • Effective disposal of superficial pigmentation;
  • Painless removal of dental plaque and stone;
  • Cleaning braces and heads implants;
  • Teeth brushing, combined, with the procedure of strengthening enamel;
  • Cleaning teeth before bleaching procedure.  

After cleaning procedures doctor always holds special procedure with a polishing pastes. In the dental center "Dentamed" you'll get rid of dental plaque for 40-60 minutes, using the skills of experienced professionals and best equipments.

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