Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a rather difficult constructive procedure that requires high skills and abilities of the dentist. Workers at the dental clinic “Dentamed” have these qualifications. Successful tooth extraction requires knowledgeable professionals because of the complicated nature of the procedure. To make tooth extraction more comfortable, you should seek help from the specialists in our clinic.

Indications for tooth extraction:

  • The presence of pus under the tooth and in the cavity under the root canal. This can occur in cases of osteomyelitis or periostitis diseases;
  • The formation of cysts in the root canal in case chronic periodontitis;
  • Longitudinal and transverse fracture of the tooth;
  • Tooth root fracture in one or multiple locations;
  • Fracture of the jaw, which runs along the tooth. This tooth should be removed;
  • When there is tumor, that extends through the mouth;
  • If the tooth is damaged and it is impossible to restore it;
  • Delivering a denture when one or more teeth prevent denture treatment;
  • f it is impossible to treat sinusitis or glandular in a traditional way;
  • If the mobility of some teeth reaches third and fourth grade.

To understand whether or not it is necessary to remove a tooth, you should consult a skilled expert. Such experts will carry out high-quality diagnostics of the tooth and the entire mouth and define the damage rate of teeth. If it is necessary to extract a tooth, then the doctor will explain how it can best be done.

Please, contact our administrator by phone at the page "Contact Us". Our skilled professionals will conduct a quality diagnosis, make panoramic images of the jaw and offer treatment that is necessary for you.

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