Curettage is a procedure that is necessary in the treatment of any disease of the gums. Curettage is intended to clean periodontal pockets - small grooves that connect the edge of the gums and the cervical part of the tooth.

The depth of periodontal pockets: norm and patholog

The normal depth of periodontal pockets is considered to be a segment not bigger than 3 mm. When pockets are this size, cleaning microfossils of food and microbes is possible through regular oral hygiene.

But sometimes the depth of periodontal pockets increases (which can be a symptom of various dental diseases) and usual cleaning with a toothbrush is not enough to get rid of germs.

This situation leads to accretion plaque and dental stones. Curettage is carried to prevent possible destruction of tissues and tooth loss due to increased size of periodontal pockets.

Curettage of periodontal pockets, stages and types of procedures

The procedure for treating of periodontal pockets provides: 

  • Removal subgingival dental stone;
  • Removal of possible granulation of the surface of the inner wall of ash and bottom pocket;
  • Introduction to the periodontal pocket of biologically active drugs;
  • Imposing of a medical bandage.   

There are two main curettage types: closed and open. The first kind involves a cleaning procedure which does not affect the integrity of the gums. For treatment in this case, it is sufficient to clean plaque and granulations with dental instruments and use medical bandages for the healing of the gums.

Open curettage, however, is surgical operation - a small section of the gums is opened to make deeper and effective curettage. After the procedure, a special medication is injected into a periodontal pocket to restore the fabric, and then the gum is sewn up. 

Remember that a timely visit to the doctor is a guarantee of the best result of treatment and the prevention of complications which can arise in cases of bad microflora developing in the mouth. At the dental clinic "Dentamed", the curettage is carried out by professional dentists who apply the best modern medicines to effectively clean gums. 

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