Today there has been a rapid development of orthopedic dentistry in Ukraine. Dental implantation has become a common operation, the successful performance of which depends on the quality of implants and professional knowledge and skills of the dentist. Dentists at "Dentamed" are experienced and highly qualified doctors. They are making maximum efforts to make the best titanium implants for patients so that these are as comfortable as their natural teeth.

What is dental implantation?

Modern dentistry has all the tools to restore missing teeth by implants. This procedure can be one-step, but most often it is carried out in several stages.

First of all, a surgical operation which aims to introduce the implant (artificial tooth root) in the jaw is conducted. Installation of implants happens without trauma (a dentist gently works with the bone bed to prepare it for the implant).

3-4 month must pass after insertion of implants before the wound will be healed and the patient will be ready for the next stage of the operation - installation of a titanium abutment.

During the third stage of treatment, a dental prosthesis is made and set. An artificial crown is created based on the fingerprint dentition enamel and individual color of patients’ teeth. It should be mentioned, that pure industrial titanium is used for making an implant. Its survival rate is 97%.

Advantages of dental implantation

Implantation gives an opportunity to:

  • Restore form and function of lost teeth;
  • Eliminate defects of teeth, avoiding external turning;
  • Use the implant to establish dental bridge;
  • Make non-removable prosthesis for the jaw without teeth;
  • Use implants as a support for non-removable prosthesis and for achievement optimal fixation compared with the conventional removable prosthesis.

Dental implantation at the clinic "Dentamed" is your chance to stop bone atrophy in the lost tooth, to restore its functionality and maintain your thirst for life. Professional dentists at our center can execute implantation efficiently and painlessly, with no preparation necessary for the adjacent teeth.

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