Modern methods of dental diagnosis and treatment can extend the range of treatments in the field of dental surgery. In particular, dental surgery does not only aim at preserving healthy teeth, but it can also provide for a full recovery of the natural beauty of your smile. Modern, efficient, and innovative equipment allows doctor to conduct a proper treatment of your smile in comfortable conditions.

Teeth removal 

Tooth removal is a dental operation which aims to extract a tooth out of the alveolar hole. This kind of dental intervention is fairly common, and dental surgeons at the clinic "Dentamed" have the necessary qualifications and extensive experience that allows them to perform painless dental treatment. 

Conditions for teeth removal can be divided into emergency and routine. Emergency tooth removal is carried out if the tooth cannot be treated through palliative or less invasive means and the tooth’s functionality is minimal or absent. 

Medical conditions for emergency tooth removal are:

  • acute inflammation (e.g, periostitis or osteomyelitis);
  • abscess, sinusitis and lymphadenitis (sometimes conservative treatment is possible);
  • longitudinal fracture of the tooth;
  • coronal tooth fracture (sometimes stopping or orthopedic treatment is possible).


Curettage of periodontal pockets is a mandatory procedure in the treatment of any gum diseases. The depth of a periodontal pocket in a normal state does not exceed 3 mm, so an anomalous depth is a symptom of the disease. In such a case, dental surgery is needed. There are closed curettage under local anesthetic (5 mm) and open curettage (5 mm).

Our clinic "Dentamed" is ready to give you medical care of any complexity.

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