Despite the fact that teeth are strenght, they could break more often than other organs. That is why each person at least once in its life turns to the dental clinic for treatment or consultation. In some cases, it is impossible to save destroyed tooth, so it should be replaced. This sequence of actions should be applied when the tooth is lost.

Advantages of non-removable prosthesis

The main objectives of non-removable prosthetics are:

  • replacement of destroyed or lost tooth;
  • providing aesthetic appearance of the mouth;
  • absence of discomfort;
  • maintaining the health of other teeth that are along with destroyed theeth.

Some patients decide not to make the prosthesis of lost teeth. This decision could have negative consequences:

  • deformation of entire dentition;
  • deterioration of the digestive system;
  • pressure on healthy teeth.


  • Micro prosthetics (reduced tooth fragment);
  • dental implants;
  • bridge prosthesis;
  • crowns.

An important stage of dental prosthetics - is filing of adjacent crowns. It has a negative effect on them, because they are deformable and can be overwhelmed. But another variant of dental prosthetics are not found yet. Crowns, prostheses or implants should be fixed for healthy teeth. The most gentle methods are tabs and pads because they do not require grinding of neighboring teeth.  

The most popular among non-removable prosthesis is bridge prosthesis. It is often used in cases, when teeth are lost, but neighbours could still support it.  

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