Metal-free ceramic

The most durable material used for orthopedic restoration of teeth is metal-free ceramics. Its main advantages are:

  • no metal frame;
  • similarity to natural teeth.

Most often metal-free ceramic prostheses are using for the front teeth (veneers, fillings).

Metal-free tooth restoration has found its supporters among actors, singers and TV presenters who openly smiling in front of many cameras without worrying about the perfection of theirs smile. All of us deserve to have a decent outlook and to be open in communication.  


Teeth restoration is carried out in several stages, the first of which is a computer simulation. Such preparation gives an opportunity to do new teeth externally similar to natural. Teeth of each patient differ in anatomic shape and color, so you need to carry out an exploration for crowns to have a perfect match.

The main advantages of this type of dental restoration are:

  • biological compatibility of dental enamel with free ceramic, that prevents allergies and unpleasant feeling;
  • lack of oxidative processes in the mouth, durability and low thermal conductivity of the material;
  • ability to keep color and perfect fit on both sides;
  • no visible boundaries between teeth;
  • exclusion injury neighboring natural teeth and their loads;
  • opportunity to conduct prosthetics, even after dental implantation;
  • high durability of restored teeth.  

So, you have a great possibility to make teeth restoration with the help of metal - free ceramic in the dental clinic "Dentamed". Qualified doctors will make quickly a new smile for you, and you will gain confidence in yourself again.  

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