Dental orthopedics is studying diseases which are connected with deformation and teeth damages. Specialist of dental clinic "Dentamed" are able to diagnose anomalies, suggest a course of treatment and provide useful advice on the prevention of oral cavity.

No one is insured of tooth decay. There comes a moment when each person needs help in returning lost or destroyed tooth or a tooth row.  

The most common option of dental orthopedics is non-removable prosthesis, which can be divided into the following types:

  • dental crowns;
  • micro-prosthesis;
  • bridge prosthesis;
  • implants.

The main positive feature of these types of prosthesis is the ability to restore the aesthetic beauty of the mouth, to keep health of other teeth and eliminate discomfort during eating.

If does not make prosthetics in time, it could have unpleasant consequences:

  • hight pressure on healthy teeth;
  • deformation of entire dental arcade;
  • deterioration of the digestive system.

The main advantages of prosthodontics are:

  • Opportunities to keep healthy teeth in good condition.
  • Aesthetic function. Crowns, implants or prostheses used by doctors in "Dentamed" are made of qualitative materials, so their appearance should be the same as that of natural teeth.
  • Structural strength and durability. After installing crowns or prostheses, the patient should come to regular medical examination. Then the experts could take care of the natural teeth and prosthesis health.

Turning to orthopedic specialists, which are working in the dental clinic "Dentamed", patients can be sure that they will help to fix occlusion in adults and children quickly (without braces). They will also stop the process of tooth loss and will return shining smile.

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