Pediatric Dentistry

A healthy child is always the greatest happiness for caring parents. To keep a baby's teeth healthy and beautiful, you should watch after them when the first tooth appears.

Even though you have a family dentist, your baby needs a pediatric doctor because dental treatment for children and adults is very different. At the dental clinic "Dentamed", there is a special program for children.

Special dental program for children

This program offers a special psychological approach to your child. When using medications, analgesics, and medical instruments, we take into consideration the peculiarities of young children and their psychology. Although baby's teeth look appear permanent, they have certain characteristics that make them different. For example, it is necessary to pay more attention to prophylaxis of children's caries.

Even an environment in a children's office - bright drawings and a game zone - will make your kids happy. Professional dentists for children should not only be a first-class doctor, but also an excellent psychologist.

In dental clinic "Dentamed", doctors have much experience in the field of pediatric dentistry. Along with consultation, diagnostics and effective treatment, our specialists will take care of your child’s emotional needs during treatment.

Dental care at the pediatric branch of the "Dentamed" clinic is carried out efficiently and safely even for the smallest customers. This is possible thanks to our modern equipment and technologies.

Thanks to modern sterilization, dental treatment for children is carried out in hygienically and safely.

Your child will not be afraid of dental treatment because our doctor is his good friend. So regular reviews of your child's smile will remain as an important tradition. Even after your children reach adulthood, they will bring their children to the dentist for care. 

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