Metal braces

The most common method of correcting defects of teeth and bite is installing a metal bracket system. The fact is that metal braces are the cheapest and strongest method of correction, and they provide for the fastest movement of teeth. However, these braces are the most noticeable and won’t look aesthetic.

Metal braces: mechanism of action

Metal braces have a complex structure, which includes locks, rings and other items that are attached to the teeth, taking into account certain order and magnitude. All details of braces are combined with the dental arch. The last one is made of a special metal alloy, which possesses shape memory.

Based on the survey data, a dentist provides a dental arch with some form and attaches it to the teeth. During treatment, dental arches tends to a given shape by moving the teeth in desired direction.

Metal braces: advantages and disadvantages

Metal braces belong to non-removable, vestibular, orthodontic constructions. This type of brace is considered to be the most common. They are attached to the outer side of the teeth. Advantages include:

  • Reasonable price;
  • The smoothest surface that facilitates and accelerates tooth movement;
  • Lightened the hygiene, thanks to smooth surfaces of braces;
  • High strength and excellent fixation to the teeth.


  • Lack of aesthetics
  • Visibility on teeth.

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