Occlusion correction and defects of a dental arcade using ceramic brackets is the ideal decision for those who seek to achieve a good result and to make treatment process less noticeable for people around.

Ceramic bracket systems combine fine aesthetic characteristics and good indicators of durability. However, the cost of the braces made of ceramics considerably exceeds the price of metal.

Ceramic braces: advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of ceramic braces:

  • Excellent aesthetic quality;
  • Stability of coloring braces -systems in the course of treatment (insensitivity to food coloring);
  • Comfortable treatment (gums aren't irritating);
  • Hypoallergenic design.

The disadvantages of ceramic braces are:

  • The increased friction force in a braces groove that leads to increasing in terms of treatment; 
  • The difficulty in removing the braces after the end of treatment;
  • Relatively high cost.

Ceramic braces are usually chosen by adult patients for whom appearance of teeth in the course of orthodontic treatment is important. By the way, the course of treatment can last for one or two years (depending on features of patient's mouth and the complexity of defects).

Orthodontic treatment at dental clinic "Dentamed"

If you've been dreaming of even teeth for a long time but are concerned because of the prominence of braces, then ceramic braces are what you need.

Consult a professional Orthodontist at the clinic "Dentamed" and take a step to a perfect smile. Our experts will conduct a careful examination using the best modern equipment and will develop an individual course of treatment for you based on the data and your wishes. 

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