Teeth whitening

“Whitening" is a procedure to change the natural color of teeth to white. 

Of course, we must understand that the term "whitening" is conditional, because the teeth do not usually get a snow-white glow. "Whitening" means to lighten the shade of the enamel. There are cases when this procedure is the result of the professional cleaning of plaque on the tooth surface.

The reasons of teeth darkening can be different: pharmacological, natural or traumatic. The most difficult case of yellowing teeth are the consequences of endodontic treatment, after which it is quite difficult to return light color to the enamel. Before whitening the teeth, it is better to consult with a dentist who will help you to weigh all pros and cons.

Teeth whitening at dental center "Dentamed" 


The basis of whitening in the dental clinic "Dentamed" is a system called Opalescence from the "Ultradent" company, which is very effective for the partial or complete removal of teeth darkening. This system can show good results, even when working with fluorosis of teeth. In the case of endodontic dental treatment, when enamel darkens, the Opalescence system gives impressive results. 

Opalescence gel is quite viscous and sticky, so during the operation it does not spread unlike other gels. After a procedure using Opalescence gel, the result can be kept for three years. 

Others Opalescence gel benefits are:  

  • the possibility of using some forms of gel at home;
  • availability of various compositions and concentrations may be useful in various cases;
  • the result can be seen within a few days.

Consult the experts at the dental center "Dentamed" and start smiling with healthy and white teeth.

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