Professional Hygiene

Besides personal hygiene, there is also professional teeth hygiene:

  • annual review of the oral cavity, which can detect problems with the gums or teeth;
  • a plan of dental health;
  • carrying out medical actions;
  • professional oral hygiene (brushing, plaque removal);
  • strengthening tooth enamel with minerals.

At the dental clinic "Dentamed", there are different measures that help to prevent dental diseases. Professional hygiene using the technique Prophyflex is one of the most effective means of prevention.

Peculiarities of Prophyflex method

To make professional dental hygiene more effective, the German company KaVo has developed a machine which uses a Sodium bicarbonate water stream. Sodium bicarbonate with aromatic scents are used as a powder that is mixed with water to form an aerosol.  

By means of this liquid, it is possible to remove dental plaque, even in such hard-to-reach spots as deep in the enamel of a tooth and intervals between teeth. During this polishing procedure, enamel won't be damaged. Furthermore, the patient has no unpleasant feelings.

The Prophyflex method is ideal for professional cleaning teeth in cases of:

  • pigmentation on the surface of the tooth;
  • removal of plaque;
  • brushing teeth before bleaching procedure and strengthen tooth enamel;
  • cleaning between tooth intervals and in hard-to-reach spots.

Once all deposits have been removed from the surface of the tooth, it is polished with special pastes.

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