Personal Hygiene

Everyone knows that teeth need daily care. It is not enough to simply brush away plaque; it is necessary to also remove food between teeth and other deposits that may appear on the surface of teeth and gums. Such kinds of procedures have to be daily at home. Professional cleaning in “Dentamed” should be done twice a year.

In addition to toothpaste and a brush, you can use other available tools for hygiene of an oral cavity. For individual hygiene use:

  • The toothpick helps to remove everything that remained after a lunch in tooth intervals. Also, it is necessary to remove dental plaque from the side surfaces of teeth regularly, which will be prophylaxis against formation of a dental calculus;
  • The tooth thread is intended to remove the food remains from those places where the toothpick has no access. On some teeth it is possible to remove the food remains only by means of a tooth thread (the second name – Floss);
  • Interdental brush will be indispensable to clean the spaces between teeth and implants;
  • Dental gel or paste is the most common method to fight against dental plaque. After brushing teeth with this toothpaste, you'll have a pleasant freshness;
  • Mouthwash allows you to make the cleaning process easy and enjoyable. The use of mouthwash prevents plaque and eliminates unpleasant smells.

To maintain teeth in a healthy condition, we must carefully watch after oral hygiene. All methods which were mentioned above allow you to make your smile healthy and bright.

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