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Everybody understands that disease prevention is better than cure. But in spite of this, most patients appealed for help to the dentist when a toothache becomes unbearable.

What is the cause of pain? Pain – is the reaction to internal processes, such as:

  • Destruction of hard dental tissues;
  • Damage of nerve endings and blood vessels in the cavity of the tooth;
  • Destruction of the internal structure of the tooth.

It should be mentioned, that most dental diseases appear primarily due to a delay of the patient. One of the main cause of complications in the development of the disease – an ill-timed visit to the doctor. A tight work schedule, family circumstances or fear of dental treatments could be obstacles on the way to a healthy life.

Nowadays, fear of the dental medical services can safely be called unreasonable. Especially when it comes to dental services in clinic “Dentamed”.

“Dentamed” – comfortable and effective tooth treatment

Modern technologies and equipment, combined with the experience and high professional qualities of doctors allow you to treat dental diseases safely and comfortably.

Comfort and painless dental treatment are possible through:

  • The use of highly efficient anesthetics and modern equipment;
  • Involving modern treatment technologies in the workflow that ensure painless procedures;
  • Learning and examination of the tooth root canals with the help of digital X-ray system;
  • Special rotary nickel-titanium instruments that are used in the cleaning process and the formation of channels;
  • Using modern dental materials for disposal and treatment of apical infections;
  • Attraction “Apex-locator” to determine the exact length of the root canal (without additional radiological control);
  • Using specific fiber type pins for recovering almost decayed teeth.

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