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Do you fall into a cold sweat of the thought about the dentist? Have you already forgotten when your teeth were last treated? Today we will tell you about the revolutionary solution that is available in DentaMed and which will allow you to forget about all the unpleasant feelings associated with dental treatment – this is sedation.

СедаціяBoth sedation and anesthesia are medication sleep, but medication sleep that is different in its depth. Sedation – this is interfacial medication sleep, and anesthesia – is deep. To achieve a deep medication sleep, you need not only a large dose but also several other medications. As distinct from medication sleep, to achieve sedation we need medications with light sensitivity which in turn are fast eliminated and have a much smaller effect on the body than those injected for anesthesia.

Sedation is the gold standard of treatment worldwide. The experience of such a procedure as sedation came to us from the USA and Europe. The procedure is well-known for a long time and has already earned a good reputation. In every painful procedure, which also include dentistry, there are two negative things: pain and stress. It is relatively easy to deal with pain, dentists do it excellently because dental anesthesia helps here. But there is another negative point – this is stress, and it is almost impossible to help him. The patient may not get hurt, but when the treatment process begins, especially when it comes to children, they are still afraid.

It has already been scientifically proven that pain does not have long-term negative consequences, that is, after a certain period a person is able to forget about pain. Stress, in this case, acts the opposite – nothing hurts a person, but he is afraid. The procedure may be over, but the years after it, a person can still experience this stress. Children on the background of stressful experiences could be in trouble, not only psychological but also physical. Stress is even more harmful than pain. That is why it is worth fighting not only with pain but also with stress. Sedation is a great way to avoid stress and negative consequences.

Sedation-01The sedation is used in cases if the patient has certain defeats (Down syndrome, infantile cerebral paralysis and other chronic diseases) and also for the patients having fear of treatment, the increased uneasiness or the highly expressed gagging. Dental treatment under a sedation surely is preceded by consultation with the anesthesiologist. In order to make an individual plan, taking into account the peculiarities of the patient’s body according to the results of tests that were prescribed in advance to the patient. For the period of treatment, the dentist and the anesthesiologist work in a couple. By the way, Pavlo Silkovsky, a recognized professional both in Rivne and in Ukraine, is an anesthesiologist at the dental clinic DentaMed.

We use the best and most modern products that are recognized worldwide. Their advantage is that they are rather easy for an organism and are removed in a few minutes, therefore the anesthesiologist watches closely a dose of the introduction of such medicines. The medicines are injected intravenously.  There is no scientific evidence that the sedation with modern medicines has negative consequences on patient health. At the same time, there is a lot of scientific research about the long-term harm of a stress when the patient in full consciousness is fixed and treated forcibly. If our patients are children, then, in this case, we can avoid local anesthesia and work only under a sedation.

At adults, as a rule, the sedation needs to be combined with local anesthesia. Within 5-10 minutes after the end of this procedure, the patient wakes up and in 2 hours comes back to a habitual way of life without any collateral consequences.  

There are no absolute contraindications, as well as age restrictions. Anyway, the anesthesiologist, before the procedure selects the individual scheme for the patient, as we have a wide arsenal of tools. And in fact, there are certain conditions under which it is possible to do a sedation and by means of what medicines it can be done.

In the dental clinic DentaMed there are all conditions for the successful sedation procedure without any risk for your life. By the way, treatment under sedation is not only treatment of caries and root canals, but it is also a surgery, implantology,  and prosthetics! The experience of doctors in combination with modern medicines and advanced treatment technologies, as a result, lead to your perfect smile.  

Sedation in the dental clinic DentMed it is a minimum of stress and a maximum of beauty.