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Orthodontics (from Greek. Orthos – smooth, right) is the area of dentistry that deals with the correction of bite, teeth alignment, and the alteration of muscles and joints. To correct the bite, the following devices and systems are used:



  • dental plate
  • occlusal splints
  • trainers
  • retainers



Dental braces:

  • metal
  • ceramic
  • sapphire
  • lingual


Bite correction brings little discomfort during the adaptation for 7-14 days. Braces do not spoil the tooth enamel, but they require careful attention to personal hygiene and compliance with all recommendations of the orthodontist. Before orthodontic treatment, there is a psychological preparation of the patient and the prevention of dental caries (a study of individual oral hygiene and stopping all affected teeth).


The correct bite and straight teeth are a necessary condition for healthy teeth and investment in yourself. Correct teeth are first of all healthy teeth. If caries occurs frequently, teeth will be destroyed quickly, and there will be hard cases of gum disease. Furthermore, muscles in the face and neck will hurt. A person rarely connects these with abnormal bite. In fact, an abnormal bite is not only the imperfect appearance of teeth; it also increases the risk of serious oral diseases and temporomandibular joint.


It is well known that the alignment of the teeth is easier in childhood and adolescence. Modern braces that allow for the correction of the bite for people of all ages are used in the dental center “Dentamed”.

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