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Hygiene and Preventive care


Hygiene and preventive care


Over time, plaque and dental stones may appear in the oral cavity. This leads to serious problems such as the formation of bacteria and diseases of teeth and gums. Each year without treatment, these problems worsen.


To restore the healthy appearance for the oral cavity, dentists need to remove it from the dental stone. Special equipment and medications are used as preventive measures to reduce any risk of diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and others.


Diseases of the oral cavity is an urgent problem for many people. Although preventative dental treatment can be an unpleasant and cheap procedure, it is necessary to treat the problem before it becomes more serious and more expensive. Therefore, do not neglect taking preventative measures with your teeth because it can maintain your health and budget. Even if your gums and teeth are healthy, you should monitor oral hygiene regularly and carry out prevention with the help of a dentist.


What does the hygiene of a mouth consist of? 


1. Regular tooth brushing and hygiene of an oral cavity using special tools.

2. Removing the stone plaque from the surfaces of the gums and teeth with basic personal hygiene.

3. Professional hygiene which is carried out by skilled dentists in clinic “Dentamed”.


What is a professional dental hygiene?


Professional dental hygiene is a set of procedures that help to remove plaque. After regular cleaning procedures, qualified specialists at “Dentamed” give recommendations for further oral hygiene, which include the use of different preventive means.


After a professional hygienic cleaning, the oral cavity is cleared of a large number of microbes and inflammation.

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