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Everyone wants to be proud of a healthy smile. But not even a Hollywood smile is a pleasure if you have painful teeth. Medical dental experience confirms that for the prevention of tooth diseases timely checkup is necessary. Only then can you keep beautiful and healthy teeth for years.


Diagnostic in “Dentamed”

One of the most important stages of dental examination and treatment is an exact diagnostic. Modern diagnostic techniques determine the state of your mouth and teeth with the highest precision. This identifies any dental disease at an early stage of its development.

One of the easiest methods of dental diagnostic is a radiological examination. Earlier this procedure was view ambiguously, but today digital technology is on a fundamentally new level of examination through which risk exposure is 90% lower than it was before.


Dental diagnostics using radiology can not only receive, but also accumulate data, so the dentist can see the dynamic state of oral health and teeth in real time to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to detect the possibility of any dental disease.


The dental clinic “Dentamed” will provide you with modern, quality dental services. You can compare the prices of the dental services at our clinic to others and be convinced that “Dentamed” will provide you with the best services. Also, a nice bonus is that all our clients have a 100% guarantee of treatment.

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